How to paste an image to the BBSs

  1. First,the image you want to paste must exist on www..
  2. Then,note the full address ( full pass ) of it,i.e.,from " http" to ".jpg",
    for example," ".
    Distinguish capital and small of each letter,so, ".jpg" is different from ".JPG".
  3. The HTML tag for image pasting is simple.
    < IMG SRC=" ">
  4. Just insert the address between the " ".
  5. If you want to paste the image below the statement,
    " Does anyone know the name of this goby?", write within the window like below...

    Does anyone know the name of this goby?
    < IMG SRC="">

  6. Don't be afraid of making mistakes !
    If you missed contributing,please write like this,"Delete both this and below.".
    Then,I'll delete them.


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