1/4 I drifted on shallow water with
my heart filled with grief.

I tried hard to find out a
surviving coral on the reef.

But there was none.

Finally I came upon this dead

A grave marker.



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2/4 Banana Reef is the best
diving point in Noth Male Atoll

The table corals on the reef
top were all dead.



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The change of the reef top of Vadoo Diving Paradise , South Male Atoll

smvblnk20.GIF (812 ???)


Dec '97

Mar '99

There is no bleaching coral.
Large school of Green Puller.
It looks just like scattered jewel stones.
The dead corals lay in heaps.
Small school of Swallow-tail Puller.
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The change of The Oblique Coral of Vadoo Diving Paradise , South Male Atoll

mvblnk20.GIF (812 ???)
mvblnk20.GIF (812 ???) 4/4
Feb '97 Dec '97 Mar '99
The Oblique Coral is the
highlight of the house reef
of Vadoo.
Various kind of fishes lives
on this beautiful and healthy
coral as a patch reef.
Fishes were reduced.
But the coral is still healthy.
The Oblique Coral has dead.
The lower of the body was
covered with sand.

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