-60 ft

This depth is common to SCUBA divers.But few of them know these cute fishes.
Please search carefully on a sand bottom and you'll finally discover them!
They are always looking up at  you.

English name : Jawfish
Japanese name : Kaeru amadai
Scientific name : Stalix histrio
We've little knowledge about the behavior of Jawfish.Apart from this,the jawfish shows us a very cute expression.Don't you think it looks like a Martian? Such as it is,it's a fish.We play a staring game,but I always lose.
Ring eye jawfish
English name : Ring eye jawfish
unofficial name in Japanese: Ringu ai
Scientific name : Opistognathus sp.
Jawfishes are odd-looking with
enlarged head,mouth and large eyes and narrow tapering body.Males incubate their eggs orally for 6 or 7 days,and hatch out them in the evening.The scene is touching.
Tomiyamichthys sp.
English name :
unofficial name in Japanese : Eboshi
Scientific name : Tomiyamichthys sp.