-100 ft

Only highly trained divers can dive into this level.
But,for gobies,this depth is paradise.
Many beautiful species live at this deep sand garden.

White-ray shrimpgoby
English name : White-ray shrimpgoby
Japanese name : Yashahaze
Scientific name : Stonogobiops sp.
Black-ray shrimpgoby
English name : Black-ray shrimpgoby
Japanese name : Hirenaganejirinbou
Scientific name : Stonogobiops nematodes

This goby is relatively shy,so it's very difficult to fill the frame by using a 1:1 100mm micro lens.But I wanted to get the portrait.It's far impossible.Both magnification and longer working distance are needed to make it possible.After many trials and errors,finally I completed my super micro photo system.

Eilatia sp.
English name :
Japanese name :
Scientific name :
Eilatia sp.
Flag-tail shrimpgoby
English name : Flag-tail shrimpgoby
Japanese name : Yanodatehaze
Scientific name :
Amblyeleotris yanoi

This species has the most refined colors among of the genus Amblyeleotris.Pearl white and pure lemon yellow --- these simple color coordination makes me feel a young noble in the depth.This species lives at depths greater than 110ft.(34m) in my island,so I repeated many deco dives to get this picture.