-10 ft

It needs a little training to enjoy this depth with a snorkel.
SCUBA divers usually stay this level to have safety stop at the end of the underwater tour.
Please don't be bored with the time.You'll be able to have a good time.

Highfin blenny (yg.)
English name : Highfin blenny (yg.)
Japanese name : Indo kaeruuo (yg.)
Scientific name : Atrosalaries fuscus holomelas
Kasai's coral goby
English name : Kasai's coral goby
Japanese name : Kasai daruma-haze
Scientific name : Paragobiodon sp.
Moyer's dragonet
English name : Moyer's dragonet
Japanese name : Miyake teguri
Scientific name : Neosynchiropus moyeri
Masuda's stone fish

English name : Masuda's stone fish
Japanese name : Masuda okoze
Scientific name : Cocotropus sp.