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Japan locates far east of world,a small country that consists of hundreds of islands.The main island is called"hon-shu", about the center of which locates the capital called "TOKYO".
The main international airport is called"Narita"(NRT),
the second, "Kankuu"(KIX) which locates"Osaka"
"Okinawa Is." locates southwest end of Japan,
whose climate zone belongs to subtropics.

So the period of Okinawa's winter is just two weeks.For Japanese,Okinawa is the nearest tropical resort area.

access to okinawa

There are more than 30 flights a day from Tokyo and Osaka.
The Okinawa airport is international,so you can also reach here from South Korea,Taiwan and Singapore.

Okinawa Is. is rather a small island,so we can drive around this island within 10 hours.

There are many good beachdiving points on Okinawa I.

The most famous beach point is "MAEDA",the second,"SUNABE"

You can also have wonderful boat divings,about 1 hour boat trip to "Kerama",where is as beautiful as the Maldives,
2 hours to "Tonaki",whose visivility is more than 50m as usual,
20 minutes to "Chiibishi"

If you want to get more info.
please contact FATHOMS DIVING,
an English speaking dive center on Okinawa

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