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Camp tour

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2days 1night 28000yen
Child 20000yen
(to a junior high student)

3days 2night 42000yen

By comparison
You will understand
Full tour time setting
and abundant free rental

The colorful coral reef of the world eminence

The jungle which was enveloped in deep fog

The river and waterfall which was blessed with water

The Milky Way appears from the star-filled sky if you look up

Begin to row it,to an uncivilized unexplored region Inside-Iriomote

The kayak camping

means sea trip

A camping tour of the held decision.
The participation of the one is welcome, too.

17th-18th/June/2017 2days-1night-Camp:Tide rotation is very good.It is neap tide.Our full equipment for rainy season prove for comfort
1st-2nd/July/2017 2days-1night-Camp:Tide rotation is very good.It is neap tide.Be careful about monsoon
25th-26th/July/2017 2days-1night-Camp:Flood tide and new filled night sky.stable weather and dead calm
1st-2nd/August/2017 2days-1night-Camp:Tide rotation is very good.It is neap tide.stable weather and dead calm
3rd-4th/August/2017 2days-1night-Camp:Tide changes middle tide.stable weather and dead calm
26th-27th/August/2017 2days-1night-camp:Middle tide.but tide rotation is is going to be end of tropical night,cool breeze and star filled night sky.
This tour needs one more person for holding.

You come from Ishigaki in the morning,
after tour you will stay in Iriomote?
you already stay in Iriomote?
you will be back to Ishigaki after tour?
If you are on one-day trip,your direction is @〜B
If you join us from east,west of Iriomote,you must read under part.
You must buy round ticket where goes to Iriomote-Uehara port
from ANEI(安永) (It is included free transport bus ticket)
@Departure from Ishigaki
AWhen you arrive on Iriomote,you catch the free transport bus.
BWe are waiting for you at "Shirahama-conue-noriba"
You catch free transport bus
at Uehara port,
then you must tell to driver
When you go though a tunnel,
Shirahama is here.
Shirahama-conue-noriba is
next to Shirahama port.
(It takes about for 20-30 mins)
We are waiting for you
at Shirahama conue noriba.
After tour,you can change
clothes at our bathroom,
then you get on the bus
to Uehara port.
Please bring your clothes and towel.
You stay in Iriomote,
we drop and pick you up
to your hotel.
We drop and pic you up to west of Iriomote(Shirahama-Uehara・Funaura) for free.
Pick up time(9:00-9:30 on April-end of June) (8:20-9:00 on July-end of Sep)
※We can pick you up to Painumaya and ecovillage for free.
But we can not drop and pick up on July - Sep sometimes.
Please ask us.
ANEI ferry departure time from Ishigaki-port
・8:30(April-end of June)・7:40(July-end of Sep)

※We will change time schedule from Oct in 2017
(It will be 8:30 or first ferry)
If you stay in east side,
please come to Shirahama by rentaled car,
It takes about for an hour from Ohara.
※Transportation servise cost extra.
But we can not do that from July-end of Sep sometimes.
Please ask us.
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